Torcia 365 LED UV Flashlight Kit

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Torcia 365 UV LED Flashlight - THE BEST UV Flashlight we have seen.

Kit Includes: 1 Flashlight, 2 batteries, 1 wall charger.

This High Performing LED flashlight is custom made for Way Too Cool, LLC by the same factory that makes the Convoy S2+ UV. The Convoy S2+ UV and the Torcia 365 both use a 3-Watt Nichia NCSU 276A U365 nm LED which is rated at 780 mW of radiant flux (UV output) when driven with 500mA forward current. However, in both the TORCIA 365nm, (and the Convoy S2+ UV) the radiant flux (UV output), is higher at approximately 1W, because the LED is driven at 700 mA with two AMC7135 LED Drivers. View AMC7135 datasheet (PDF). The other 2 watts of energy is dissipated as heat. When the temperature of the LED increases, the flux decreases, and the wavelength shifts towards 368nm.


The Nichia Specification sheet identifies this 276A U365 nm LED as a Class 3B LED hazard. Do NOT look directly into the beam of the flashlight and do not point it towards any eyes.

Built to Waterproof Standard IP-65, the unit is safe from accidental water immersion, the Ergonomic Knurling Pattern offers a comfortable, secure grip, and the Textured Orange Peel reflector emits excellent beam shape. The flashlight has an ON/OFF Click switch in the tail cap, and it has a Lanyard. The power supply is one 18650 lithium-ion battery (protected or unprotected). Dimensions: 4 5/8" long x 15/16" diameter. Weight is about 81g w/o the battery.

The "orange peel" textured reflector focuses the UV output to an intense, but smooth "spot" with a range of 10 meters or more for finding specimens up close or quite far away. The intensity of the beam is strong enough to cause fluorescence in materials that do not fluoresce very well under the normal UV A tubes used in standard UV lamp fixtures.



Battery and Charging Information


Using a single 18650 Li-ION battery rated from 2,500 - 3,000 mAh, the Torcia 365nm flashlight provides up to an hour of use on a charge. The batteries will arrive discharged because of postal regulations and the batteries should be charged prior to use. Please be aware that some manufacturers claim that their 18650 batteries are rated for up to 9,000 mAh and that any value over 3,500 mAh should be carefully investigated for accuracy.


The Torcia 365nm flashlight set comes with two 2,500 - 3,000 mAh Rechargeable Li-ION batteries and a simple-to-use Li-ION smart charger. The charger provides a safe charging rate of around 300 mA. The charger has fold away US style prongs, but it will operate on 100-240 volts AC and 43-63 hertz. It will take an hour or two to top off the battery after occasional use. If mostly discharged, the battery will need to charge for up to 12 hours. While the battery is charging the LED will be red. When the battery is fully charged, the LED turns a solid green and the battery should be removed from the charger.


Product Features

  • High performance 3 Watt Nichia NCSU 276A U365 nm LED
  • Waterproof standard IP-65 protects the unit from accidental water immersion
  • Ergonomic knurling pattern offers a comfortable yet secure grip
  • Textured orange peel reflector emits excellent beam shape
  • Includes lanyard
  • Available Belt Holster (sold separately)


Product Specifications

  • ON/OFF Click switch in tail cap
  • Battery one 18650 lithium-ion battery (protected or unprotected)
  • LED Drivers - two 7135 drivers
  • Dimensions 4 5/8" long x 15/16" diameter
  • Weight 81g w/o the battery

US Patent #7781751 
Assembled In the USA