Beautiful Blue - Twice Cut and Polished Agate Geode. (Book End Style Cut)

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Beautiful Twice Cut and Polished Agate Geode. (Book End style cut) 

: Ranges from 3 - 10 lbs 

: Ranges 6 - 8" wide
ranges 5 - 6.5" high
ranges 2-4" deep

: Brazil
Grade: AAA Grade

These are the crème de la crème of polished agate geodes.  In the process of their creation all geodes want to grow up to be cut in half, finely polished, and paired.  To qualify they have to be wide enough, beautiful enough, and have a crystal vug in the center.  Only then are they awarded this AAA grade.   Not wide enough? It becomes a single agate face.  Not pretty enough? It gets cut up into agate slices.  A disaster in the cut or polish? They become single cut base agates. No crystal vug in the center? Then it's just a piece of solid agate / quartz.  There are many things that can happen along the way and only the best that survive the whole process are placed into this grade.

Referred to as book ends for many years they are now used for many things - such as phone holders, desktop decoration, mantle decoration and generally anywhere you like to have beautiful things within view. 

The polished faces really bring out the look of the geode matrix and all the unique patterns they form.