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Size:  62 mm tall x 40 mm wide at base
Carat Weight: 87 ct
Backing Suitable for Ornament:  Yes

Crystal Grade: AAA



An opportunity to own 1 of only 20 ever made Emerald "Christmas Tree" Cluster.

There were only 22 of these items made and only 20 made available to the public.  2 were kept by John Chatham and were given as gifts after being heavily decorated in other natural and synthetic stones.

The first 12 to the public were released in the 80's under a 12 days of Christmas theme.   We have the remaining 8.  None of have these been made available since the 1980's and at this time there are no plans to produce any more.

From our collection we are pleased to bring you these quality, authentic, Chatham emerald creations.  They are each unique in their emerald crystal formations and with all crystal formations no two clusters are alike.   In the grand scheme of things these emerald crystal clusters are rarer than the rarest diamonds!   I know that's a bold statement to make and we happily make it!   Rock-hounds, Mineral Collectors and Jewelers alike who are reading this advertisement will tell you themselves that they don't know very many people who own an Emerald cluster.... if they even know anyone at all!  Don't take my word for it - go ask one for yourself!  

The rarity of these emerald clusters is contributed to many factors.  One major factor is simply because not allot of this material in cluster form even exists.  Another is that there has been little effort made to bring what material is available to the general public.   Additionally, clusters rarely appear in nature and high quality emerald crystals are typically designated for cutting.  The crystals on these formations are still intact with the classic beryl crystal shape.  When you combine these factors together they make these beautiful emerald formations  rare and exotic; unique and timeless!  

I have seen jewelry stores use these pieces to accentuate their current emerald displays.  These clusters have lots of sparkle and luster and they really bring out the color in cut emeralds when side by side.   Wire wrappers also just love this material as it makes very beautiful wire wrap pieces.   

Now for some more easily verified truth.  The truth is that authentic Chatham emeralds currently sell for $400.00-$600.00USD or more per carat depending upon the size, cut, clarity of the stone.  Don't just take our word for it - go ask your jeweler!  Here and now is your chance to get a beautiful Chatham emerald at an excellent price!