Polished Septarian Gallets (Dragon Egg) - Worry Stone - Palm Stone - Fidgit Rock - Home Decor - from Madagascar

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Polished Septerye Palm Stones From Madagascar

Weight: Averages: 15 ounces
Approximate Sizes: 51 x 80 mm (averages) - cabinet size
Origin: Madagascar

Grade: Very Good Grade

These septarian gallets (AKA Dragon Egg) contain a range of lovely colors and fantastic patterns.  Stunning pieces! 

Gallets are a relatively large flat polished pieces of rock with is ideal for home decoration or use by alternative practitioners such as Reiki. Far superior to boring old tumbled stones.  Sometimes also known as "Palm Stones".


This is a "grab bag" item.  That means we will pick one from our available inventory and send it to you.  Pictures of the actual material is shown. No two specimens are alike.