Beautiful Giant Square Yellow Mexican Stone Onyx Floor Lamp - 57" Tall

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Beautiful Giant Square Mexican Stone Onyx Floor Lamp - 57" Tall

Pieces: 1
Size: 12" deep x 57" tall x 12" wide.
Origin: Mexico
Grade: AAA Grade

These natural onyx lamps give off a beautiful glow and are perfect for the living room, bedroom, office or quiet area.  These hand-crafted Onyx stone lamps add an elegance to your space that is unmatched.  When lit you can see the beautiful veining of this translucent stone. 

Related to Marble and sometimes referred to as a form of quartz, Onyx is formed as a stalagmite and stalactite.  Its very fine crystal formation is intertwined with different minerals which give each piece a distinct range of colors and unique patterns.

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