Natural Native Copper Tumbled Nugget; 1.5 inches

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Weight: Ranges from 21 to 41 grams

Size: 1.5" (average/approximate)
Location: Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
Grade: A Grade

Tumbled native copper nuggets from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This area known as the "Copper Country" or the "Keweenaw Peninsula" is known world wide for it's extremely pure and unique copper specimens.

Great for jewelry making, scientific uses, metaphysical properties, decorative pieces, educational and many others.

There are no purer natural native copper nuggets found in nature. These have been tumbled and sorted by size.  All are 100% pure native natural copper. Nothing ever from smelters or other sources.  The copper has never been heated, melted or cast. These nuggets do sometimes contain some host rock as can be seen in the pictures. The pictures show average random samplings.